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Embossing Stamp

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Embossing Seals are perfect for embossing your address, logo or monogram on business letterhead, certificates and wedding invitations to give a classy touch. Embossing Stamps are widely used to authenticate documents such as certificates, limited edition prints and artwork to prevent forgery and unauthorized copies.

Embossing Stamps create a raised blind paper impression, when the paper is squeezed in between the dies. It is ideal for Notary, Corporate, Engineering, Library and Wedding.

Give your cards, letters, books - and even gifts - a chic, new look with high-quality embossers can help you add a personal touch to everything you do.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique mechanism - requires less pressure
  • Easy to handle
  • Constructed from reinforced steel
  • Accepts interchangeable die sets
  • Additional die sets can be ordered

Satisfactory product and service guaranteed!

A good quality product and efficient service at an affordable cost is what customers can expect from us. We maintain a stringent product and service quality procedures to assure that every customer we serve would get exactly what they want on time.

How to get your own custom stamp!

  1. Email your valid company licence copy to almanarstamps@gmail.com
  2. For the signature stamps, The authorised person should come to our showroom with their ID proof.
  3. For the government stamps we need proper document from the concerned department.

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